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When goggles give up the ghost, test drive a new pair

Sadly, I fear my goggles have just about given up on me 🙁

They were good while they lasted; the trusty pair that my sister gave me for Christmas…but I think I may have wiped away post-work mascara smudges one too many times – since I seem to have gone and scratched the anti-fog coating off – whoops!

Goggles that have given up the ghost

Image credit: Stephen Jones, on Flikr

Oh well, who needs an anti-fog coating!? I hear you cry… well I do apparently, since swimming through mist for a great length of time isn’t good for vision [and turns out not too good for others who I’m inadvertently colliding with in the pool :s]

And, since the swim of my life is almost upon me, I need a new pair pronto!

But I don’t just want any old pair, I need some that’ll live up to, or rival my last…a set that’ll literally go the distance.

So, Over the next week I’m going to test-drive a few pairs; and let you know how I get on.

I’m going to be giving them a ‘sink or swim’ rating based on the following factors:

Function – erm, they need to be watertight!
Comfort – I can cope with post-swim ‘frog eyes’, but they must fit properly and feel good
Vision – they’ve got to provide a decent field of vision, I don’t want to feel like I’m swimming in a fish bowl
The vanity factor – I don’t want to look too stupid
Value for money – there’s got to be a balance between cheap & cheerful, and overpriced

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