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Putting the SportCount Chrono 100 through its paces

Sportcount Chrono 100 Lap Counter and Timer
Counts swim laps, collects summary timing stats and keeps individual lap times for up to 100 laps.
Manufactured by: SportCount Inc.
Model: CHRONO 100 (90000 – Red)
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£26.95 New
After searching through a number of different lap-counting computer and pro sports watches and going through the usual review-reading, I settled on this gadget:

SportCount Lap Counter and TimerWhat was I looking for?

  1. I wanted something thats primary function was to count lengths and record times of those lengths – nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I needed something that was extremely simple to use whilst in the water
  3. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I’m only going to be use whilst in training.

My review of this lap-counter?

lap counter and timer packaging
I like the finger-watch design – since it means it can be operated with just the press of the thumb.

The sizing is easily adjustable too – by clicking the fasteners to fit.

SportCount - display - chrono modeAt first I had a few concerns about it possibly slipping off or causing me to alter my hand positioning during my stroke, but after a few lengths and by tightening it a notch tighter, I was able to make it feel more secure soon and I forgot about it.

It didn’t take me long to get used to operating the counter either. (You can’t really go too far wrong with 1 button!)

One click of the button [at the end of a length] to record the lap, then [after a couple of seconds to account for a turn] the chrono timer started up again for the duration of the following lap, until I clicked again [at the end of the lane] and so continued…

The instructions for use on the packaging are refreshingly simple too:

Exercise Phase: Start [press button] | Each lap [press button] | Finish [hold button for 2 secs]

Summary Phase: Total laps [press button] | Fastest lap [press button] | Slowest lap [press button] | Average [Press button] | Reset [Hold button for 2 secs]

SportCount displaySomething I was really impressed with was the ability to ‘pause’ my workout without throwing off my timings. [A couple of quick clicks-in-a-row puts it into pause mode.]

I was really pleased with the clarity of the display too – since one review questioned this – and found it easy to see when underwater; even with slightly foggy goggles.

However, I shall be interested to see how it fairs over time – if the lithium battery lives up to its “long life” promise and it doesn’t fade.

A bit of assurance in the product, and a bit of a bonus is that SportCount also provide a 1 year warranty coupon,

so providing it continues to keep time as I put it through its paces in training over long distance, I’ll be able to justify splashing out on another gadget for the pool.

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