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Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles [in Red] – Not quite so rosey

I was pretty excited to test out these “lightweight goggles designed for competition and swim training” – they sounded just the type of thing I was looking for. Plus, I’d never tried any Maru swim kit before so was keen to give them a go.

First up, here’s the spec:

Maru Pulse Mirror Anti Fog // Pro Goggle

Anti Fog, U.V. protection, PC lens with mirror coating, Silicone seals, Double Silicone strap, 3 adjustable nose pieces
Maru Swimwear Equipment
Model: TWENTY 12 Collection
Product ID: 31985
£11.50 New

I thought googles looked pretty good in their packaging; the design and colours were quite cool.

But, I’m not going to lie, it did take me a couple of minutes [a blonde moment] before I realised how to get the packet open – erm.. by unclipping the sides.

Randomly though the packaging didn’t just contain goggles, but a pretty strong smell, that reminded me of TCP!

Ignoring the smell, and taking a look at the goggles themselves:

Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles Close Up

First impressions on appearance were pretty good. I liked the fact that the lenses weren’t too big and the colour of mirrored-effect in the lenses was pretty cool too.

But, I thought the strap was a bit on the thin and rubbery side. I was also a bit worried about the length of it and how much give there was in terms of fitting… after a bit of adjusting, via the traditional ‘over-and-under-style clasp” I got them to  fit my head, but I think someone with a bigger head might want to see if there are any larger strap sizes available. [NB: My noggin isn’t that big after all]

Here’s a close up of the goggles and strap:

The goggles also come with a few interchangeable nose bridges in different sizes, which is great, but just as well I opted for the ‘as-standard’ medium size since it looked a bit tricky to change.

I then checked out what those funky looking mirrored-effect lenses looked like… and as you can see from the pics, everything was pretty rosy! I’d not worn any red lensed goggles before (even when I was little) so I was quite intrigued to see what affect they would have on my vision when swimming…

And here’s what the Maru goggles look like on and how much lee-way there was left on the strap once I’d gotten it to fit properly:

And so, post test-drive, here’s my sink or swim’ rating based on the following factors:


They were certainly watertight and didn’t fog up, so I would have awarded full points for them doing what they were meant to if it weren’t for the fact I had to take them off after 25 minutes due to discomfort. These goggles are described as suitable for training, but sadly I don’t think they’re for long distance. So I’m giving 4/5


Oh my goodness ‘frog eyes’ ahoy! I know the lenses are meant to fit the eye sockets, and am sure some people might like a snug fit around the eyes, but I found the harder plastic lens rims/seals really dug in and were quite painful [despite loosening the fit]. So I’m giving 1/5


The close socketed lenses weren’t too restrictive to vision, but did have a kind of ‘blinkered’ effect whilst swimming – the clearest line of sight was straight forward. But with the red lenses everything kind of looked a bit 3D-ish too…it was a weird novelty at first, what with the air bubbles and everything, but to be honest it’s not for me and I think after swimming a long way they’d give me a headache. I’m scoring 2.5/5

The vanity factor

The mirror-effect was pretty cool, they didn’t swamp my face and my boyfriend didn’t laught too much. I’d give them a good 4/5

Value for money

You get what you pay for with these goggles. In my opinion they’re pretty average in terms of quality vs price, 3/5

So, I’m giving these goggles an overall score of 14.5/25

Thank you to Simply Swim for suggesting I try these goggles, and for letting me give them a test drive in my search for the perfect pair

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