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How to work out an average lap time

I’ve previously mentioned Maths isn’t one of my strong points…but for anyone wanting to work out their average lap time, [and to save time doing so] I thought i’d write this up…

Average lap time calculation:

1 – Divide the total number of laps/lengths by the total time taken [in minutes] e.g. 100/63=1.58730159

2 – Then, divide 60 [the number of minutes in an hour] by the result of the previous sum [rounded to 2 decimal places] e.g. 60/1.59=37.758491*

Av. 38 seconds per 25m lap.

Or, you could check out and bookmark this online convertor tool

NB: If you’re looking for a gadget to count your swim laps, I’ve tried and tested the Sportcount Chrono

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  1. This is a really counter intuitive way of doing it. If you want seconds per lap, why not just divide the number of seconds you took (63 * 60 = 3780) by the number of laps 3780/100 = 37.80. This is easier and more accurate.

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