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Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles [in Red] – Not quite so rosey

Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles Close Up

I was pretty excited to test out these “lightweight goggles designed for competition and swim training” – they sounded just the type of thing I was looking for. Plus, I’d never tried any Maru swim kit before so was keen to give them a go. First up, here’s […]

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When goggles give up the ghost, test drive a new pair

Goggles that have given up the ghost

Sadly, I fear my goggles have just about given up on me 🙁 They were good while they lasted; the trusty pair that my sister gave me for Christmas…but I think I may have wiped away post-work mascara smudges one too many times – since I seem […]

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How to prevent, protect and repair chlorine damage

Swimming caps to protect hair from chlorine

If you spend as much time ‘marinating’ in chlorinated water as I do, you might want to know the answers to the following skin and hair-related questions: Image credit: terren in Virginia, on Flikr Skin protection for the pool What is chlorine? How can I prevent chlorine […]

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How to work out an average lap time

Lap time converter

I’ve previously mentioned Maths isn’t one of my strong points…but for anyone wanting to work out their average lap time, [and to save time doing so] I thought i’d write this up… Or, you could check out and bookmark this online convertor tool NB: If you’re looking for a gadget […]

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Putting the SportCount Chrono 100 through its paces

lap counter and timer packaging

After searching through a number of different lap-counting computer and pro sports watches and going through the usual review-reading, I settled on this gadget: What was I looking for? I wanted something thats primary function was to count lengths and record times of those lengths – nothing […]

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