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Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles [in Red] – Not quite so rosey

Maru Pulse Mirror Pro Goggles Close Up

I was pretty excited to test out these “lightweight goggles designed for competition and swim training” – they sounded just the type of thing I was looking for. Plus, I’d never tried any Maru swim kit before so was keen to give them a go. First up, here’s […]

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When goggles give up the ghost, test drive a new pair

Goggles that have given up the ghost

Sadly, I fear my goggles have just about given up on me 🙁 They were good while they lasted; the trusty pair that my sister gave me for Christmas…but I think I may have wiped away post-work mascara smudges one too many times – since I seem […]

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Putting the SportCount Chrono 100 through its paces

lap counter and timer packaging

After searching through a number of different lap-counting computer and pro sports watches and going through the usual review-reading, I settled on this gadget: What was I looking for? I wanted something thats primary function was to count lengths and record times of those lengths – nothing […]

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