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5K Swim Training Update: 152 Lengths and Counting…


This week has been a busy one all round, and so training’s been a little bit limited. However, I’m not going to feel too bad about only putting  in 100 lengths on Monday and the quick 30 minute session after work on Tuesday, because last weekend I […]

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How to work out an average lap time

Lap time converter

I’ve previously mentioned Maths isn’t one of my strong points…but for anyone wanting to work out their average lap time, [and to save time doing so] I thought i’d write this up… Or, you could check out and bookmark this online convertor tool NB: If you’re looking for a gadget […]

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20 lengths and counting…

20 laps and counting

Having taken up my New Years challenge of swimming the Swimathon 5K, I thought it’d be a good idea to find out how many lengths I can actually swim within a certain time. [Since there is only a three out time slot open to complete the distance.] […]

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