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Last-Minute 5K Swim Prep & Pre – 5K Swimathon Butterflies!

1 hour for 100 lengths

It’s the night before the biggest swim of my life, and I’ve got butterflies! They started to flutter from the 1-week-to-go point, but now on the eve of the big 5K Swimathon they’re rife! So I’ve decided to sit here and bosh out this post, in an […]

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5K Swim Training Update: Going the Distance

Going the distance - 5k swim training

I’ve only gone and done it! For the first time since I started training in January for this years’ 5K Swimathon, I’ve actually managed to do the distance – wahoo! While everyone else was distracted by Easter egg hunts & family roast dinners on Easter Sunday, I […]

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5K training confession…a few too many days off from the pool

5K training confession

I have a confession to make… I might’ve taken a few too many days off from the pool :S Ok, so it was my birthday, I was busy meeting friends, partying, feeling a bit under-the-weather, in need of a break from training, and could probably reel off […]

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5K Swim Training Update: 152 Lengths and Counting…


This week has been a busy one all round, and so training’s been a little bit limited. However, I’m not going to feel too bad about only putting  in 100 lengths on Monday and the quick 30 minute session after work on Tuesday, because last weekend I […]

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Hitting a swimming milestone

5K swimming training milestone

Today was an awesome day at the pool! I hit a new milestone in my training for the 5K Swimathon, by swimming a total of 100 lengths in one go! Not only is this the furthest I’ve ever swum – 2.5 kilometres / 1.55 miles – but […]

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My 2012 Challenge

A moment of ‘madness’ and the challenge of a colleague made me do it! It’s taken me a few days to blog about it properly on here, since I needed to figure out whether I’d actually be up to swimming such a distance in the first place, […]

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