The Little Mermaid: Ariel Inspiring Tail

Ariel The Little MermaidWhen I was little I loved the little Mermaid! I used to dream of being a mermaid, and like any other girl of my age at the time, would mess about in the pool pretend that I was in fact a mermaid – in the hope that one day I might actually be one!

I suppose you could say that I wouldn’t have minded trading places with Ariel for a bit… [obviously minus the terribly high sacrifice involved] since long flowing red hair, blue eyes, a greenish-blue tail, a purple seashell bikini, and a fish top kind of appealed to me at the time. *sigh* the innocence of youth!

Now I’m older, [*cough*] wiser, and fully aware of the dark connotations behind [the legendary] Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the magic’s kind of worn off a bit…

That was until I came across some awesome graphic prints by Rowan Stocks-Moore; which included this awesome movie poster for the film The Little Mermaid:

Rowan Stocks-Moore's The Little Mermaid Inspiring Print

Rowan Stocks-Moore is a graphic design graduate from Liverpool, “with a passion for book and film covers, as well as a love for design in general!” – and you can check out some of his other work here

Anyway, I felt inspired to share this with you… now I’m off to the pool to relive my youth ‘mermaid’ style 🙂

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