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Last-Minute 5K Swim Prep & Pre – 5K Swimathon Butterflies!

It’s the night before the biggest swim of my life, and I’ve got butterflies! They started to flutter from the 1-week-to-go point, but now on the eve of the big 5K Swimathon they’re rife! So I’ve decided to sit here and bosh out this post, in an effort to rationalise any heebie geebies before re-charging my batteries with a decent night’s sleep. So, here goes…

When I found out that I’d be swimming in a lane with 8 other ‘super-charged’ swimmers likely to complete the 200 lengths in 2hours – I have to admit my initial reaction was OMG [seriously!?] – the nerves started jangling, and I worried that my PB of 2hours 8mins simply wouldn’t be good enough :S

I was told by the organiser lady that I shouldn’t worry, since “everyone swims faster on the day though” and “when the adrenaline kicks in, [I]’ll be flying too” – but this revelation about my lane placement did prompt me to fit in one last epic post-work training session last night to check if I’d really be able to hack the pace…

So I decided to swim flat out for an hour, and thankfully I managed to do 100 lengths in pretty much bang-on 1hour, which was great for setting my mind at rest in terms of time/speed.1 hour for 100 lengths

And in terms of my physical stamina?

Thinking back  to Janaury, and how unfit I was when I started and looking at my physique now, I’m pretty sure [or so my boyfriend informs me] that my arms are now up to pulling me through the water for a couple of hours and my legs are about prepped to propel me to the finish.100 lengths in 1 hour

Having read-up on possible ‘burn-out’, I’ve been careful this past week or so to make the most of last minute training opportunities without pushing my body too hard too.

I’ve also been reading up on as many last-minute training tips out there on Facebook and Twitter…and in regards to food I’ve even asked the pro-nutritionist Alex Popple for advice on what to eat and when in advance of my race:Swimathon Nutrition Tips


So I shouldn’t be sat here worrying right!?

Right! I know that whatever time I do tomorrow, however ‘prunified’ I get, or knackered I am at the end, I will have done over and above what I set out to do…

Not only will I have raised an awesome amount of money for a fantastic Charity – Marie Curie Cancer Care, but I will have completed a personal challenge that only 4.5 months ago I’d have never thought physically possible!

So, bring it on! I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, am looking forward to letting you know how I do, and all I need to do now is remember to just keep swimming!*

*I’d also like to thank all of those people nearest and dearest who’ve had to put up with my constant swim-chat recently, and who’ve helped to encourage and motivate me too! 🙂



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