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Hitting a swimming milestone

5K swimming training milestone

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Today was an awesome day at the pool! I hit a new milestone in my training for the 5K Swimathon, by swimming a total of 100 lengths in one go!

Not only is this the furthest I’ve ever swum – 2.5 kilometres / 1.55 miles – but I did it in a personal best time too – of 1hour 3 minutes.

Which means, I’m swimming an average lap time of 38 seconds [per 25m lap]

For seasoned distance swimmers this might seem like a ‘drop in the ocean’ but on behalf of those of us who are only just starting to train up and take our swimming to the next level, I’d say it’s something to be pretty chuffed about.

Post swim I was a bit pruney, wobbly in the leg department and a tad red in the face, but I suppose it’s testament to having pushed myself a bit further.

I suppose what I’m buzzing about is that today went a long way to proving that I might actually have a chance of being able to go the distance after all! [Something which, with only 10 weeks and 5days to go, I was starting to doubt a bit] It just goes to show, that you’ve got to ‘just keep swimming!’ [haha!]

So far my swimming training plan has been about:

  1. Improving my swimming technique – working on my front crawl stroke
  2. Generally building up my stamina – increasing the number of lengths I can do in one go, without taking breaks
  3. Spending as much time in the pool as possible – fitting more sessions into my working week and passing the ‘point-of-prunage’ at weekends with longer distance workouts
  4. Making sure I stretch out more before and after swimming


NB: If anyone’s gone any more distance swimming tips, I’d love to hear them 🙂


  1. Hello,
    I actually went on line to look for some helpful hints about diet and cramp! But I came across your blog and just wanted to say that today was a bit of a milestone for me too. Sadly, i simply cannot do the counting lengths thing but I swam constantly for just under an hour doing crawl so it’s got to be past the 100 Mark (25 metre pool). It felt great & for the first tine I too felt that perhaps I might just have a chance of completing the 5k on the 28th. Cramp is my biggest concern so if you happen to have any helpful hints I would be much obliged.
    As far as the tips are concerned I would say the most important thing is to try and get into your own rhythm and don’t try to break any world records. It’s so interesting reading your plan. How often are you getting into the pool during the week? I only ask because i’ ve just got back from being away for a week (prior to that in the pool 3 times a week for an hour) and had my best day today. I wonder if it is better to give oneself breaks? Just a thought.
    Best of luck with your swim.

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your comment and tip. I agree:

      It’s really important to find you’re own rhythm – it’s all about pacing yourself!

      Great to hear that you’re doing so well with your swimming too. If you’re swimming for an hour front crawl, then it sounds like you’re well on your way to the 5K. I’m sure once that adrenaline kicks in you’ll be flying 🙂

      I’ve written a post recently about my ‘game plan’ which you might find useful[?] and it says a bit about taking a break from training to prevent ‘burn out’ too. Let me know what you think..and watch this space for a post on cramp + tips to combat it. NB: It’s something I’ve also had to overcome

      I’d love to hear how you get on anyway, so keep in touch. In the meantime, happy swimming! Amy x

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