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5K training confession…a few too many days off from the pool

I have a confession to make…

I might’ve taken a few too many days off from the pool :S

Ok, so it was my birthday, I was busy meeting friends, partying, feeling a bit under-the-weather, in need of a break from training, and could probably reel off a whole list of other excuses… but with only a few weeks to go before the swim of my life it perhaps wasn’t a good idea to be out of pool for a whole 8 days straight.

5K training confession

It might not sound all that bad, but as anyone in training for a long distance swim will tell you, it’s all about keeping up the training momentum, frequency in and enthusiasm for the water, and also maintaining movement in the limbs so as not to stiffen up or be prone to injury.

Obviously, it’s good to have a few days off from training if:

  1. you need to ‘chill your beans’ to prevent burnout [both physical and mental]
  2. you’ve picked up an injury
  3. you’re feeing ill

BUT, when time-out is an excuse for a lack of focus on the task at hand it’s definitely time to get back in the pool!

And sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement, or in my case a reminder of why  I’m doing the training in the first place – so when my unusually long stint away from the water was commented upon, I stopped procrastinating, [seized the opportunity of a night off from excess], grabbed my swim bag and headed to my local..

And wawawiwa was it a good swim! 🙂 I felt great once I emerged from the pool and returned home happy – that I no longer felt like ‘a fish out of water’ and my training was back on track.


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