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5K Swim Training Update: Going the Distance

I’ve only gone and done it!

For the first time since I started training in January for this years’ 5K Swimathon, I’ve actually managed to do the distance – wahoo!

While everyone else was distracted by Easter egg hunts & family roast dinners on Easter Sunday, I was munching a couple of mini-eggs (for an added energy boost of course) in advance of an epic session in the pool.

Going the distance - 5k swim training

Image credit: MissMessie, on Flikr

My ‘game plan’:

  • To take advantage of the bank holiday weekend, family-free
  • To alternate between breast-stroke and front-crawl – so as not to burn out
  • To take a 5 minute stretch and drink/re-fuel break after 1 hour – to prevent cramp later on and rehydrate
  • To only lift/turn my head enough for breath rather than wasting energy on bigger movements
  • To take pace myself for a long haul marathon-stylee, rather than a sprint [no matter how fast other swimmers might be going]

The conditions were good, I had a whole afternoon ahead of me, and with my kit [goggles, water bottle, fully-charged MP3 player and lap-counter] checked and ready to go, I was ready to take the plunge and set off…

So how did I get on?

In the first hour I managed 92 lengths, [then after my planned 5 minute break] I took 1hour 8mins to complete the final 108 lengths

So I did the whole 200 lengths in 128 minutes [completing roughly 1.56 lengths per minute] – with an average lap time of 38 seconds per 25m – which means I have a new time/distance PB!

Granted, there were times when I really could have thrown in the towel and I was completely knackered, starvin’ marvin, and prune-like by the end… but OMG did it feel good to finally do a full runthrough, and It’s great knowing that I can physically and mentally do it!

Post swim training fish and chipsAnd to celebrate… I treated myself to a large cod & chippy tea*

*Which not only tasted amaaaazing, but helped to replace the ~1200 odd calories  that’d been burnt off, of course 😉


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