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5K Swim Training Update: 152 Lengths and Counting…

This week has been a busy one all round, and so training’s been a little bit limited. However, I’m not going to feel too bad about only putting  in 100 lengths on Monday and the quick 30 minute session after work on Tuesday, because last weekend I managed to set myself a new record of 152 lengths! – Hurrah!
5k-swim-trainingImage credit: Julianne Villaflor, on Flikr

Okay, so it’s still 48 lengths short of the 200 lengths required for the Swimathon 5K, but all in all it indicates that I’m within time to do the distance.

Of course there’s always room for improvement…

I definitely want to better my time if possible – the 152 lengths took 1hr 50mins (when calculating my average lap time) worked out to about 43 seconds per lap [a fair bit slower than my previous average of 38 seconds]*

*However, when accounting for a fair few lengths of breaststroke, several lane interruptions from ‘overzealous’ younglings sitting on [and falling off] the lane rope, a bit of foot cramp, and the fact that I had to pause to reset my lap counter when it hit the maximum 100 length count; then I don’t think I’m doing too bad.

Note to self:

Accidental gulps of pool-water are not an excuse for a drink and simply not going to do me any good! – I should really start taking an energy drink with me to keep refuelled and hydrated – since it’s not clever to keep forgetting to the point of super-thirst. And god only knows what’s in the pool water :s

All this being said, with 6 weeks still to go, I’m pretty pleased with how my training is going… I’ve got to just keep swimming!

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