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20 lengths and counting…

Having taken up my New Years challenge of swimming the Swimathon 5K, I thought it’d be a good idea to find out how many lengths I can actually swim within a certain time. [Since there is only a three out time slot open to complete the distance.] 20 laps and counting

During the week I tend to hit the pool for a half hour block of solid swimming at a fairly moderate rate, with perhaps a couple of stretch breaks, before getting out and getting on with the rest of my evening..

However, although I know that the number of lenths I swim in 30 minutes has increased over the past year, I’ve not actually ever counted :s

So today, my intention was to find out…

However, worryingly, it seems that I have an inability to count beyond 20!

I got to counting 20 lengths, noted 15 minutes had passes…then found myself thinking about what I’d be having for dinner…and before I knew it realised 30 minutes had passed and I had no idea of a number!

So, I’m assuming that with a steady-ish stroke I managed to do at least 40 lengths – give a ‘pinch of salt’ – which puts me on about 2.5hours to complete, with a 30 minute contingency to cater for any fatigue-effects. Hurrah!

However, after today’s mathematical-meltdown, I’ve decided to invest in a bit of swim gadgetry to make multitasking more¬†manageable. And after a bit of searching around Amazon, I’ve settled on the Sportcount Chrono 100 lap counter and timer – which I look forward to putting to the test very soon. [Of course I’ll let you know how I get on with it asap in ‘Tried and Tested’]


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