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Water Withdrawals!

OMG! I have serious water withdrawals and am desperate to get back in the pool ASAP!

Following my epic Swimathon a couple of weeks ago I was naturally ready to give my body a little rest and decided to take a week off from the pool… but since then, since wanting to get back on in there, I’ve been struck down by an evil bug that’s rendered me ‘landlocked’ and sadly uneligaible for the pool 🙁

And more than ever I’m acutely aware of why it was I got back into swimming again!

I’m missing my me-time, need to unwind from the day job / general craziness of city living, and my body’s screaming out for a damn good stretch!

I just can’t wait to shake off the ‘fish-out-of-water feeling’ and get back into my stride!

I know I’ve posted about the benefits of swimming before; but I never realised or perhaps stressed just how important-a-part of my life-balance swimming has become and is.

Check out these tweets from #swimming pals and twitterati, expressing more reasons why swimming is awesome and why I really can’t wait to jump back in:

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