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The good, the great, and the awesome benefits of swimming!

Family and friends regularly ask me why I swim…so I thought this post might help explain…

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For the body

As a low impact exercise, swimming allows you to work all the major muscle groups in your body, to improve strength, flexibility and balance without taking unnecessary strain.

For people who spend a large percentage of their time sat at a desk, it’s a great way to get the whole body moving and it’s especially good for people who suffer with achy muscles / joints, lower back pain, or are undergoing physiotherapy.

Whether you fancy an excellent cardiovascular workout or a relaxing glide in the water, you can enjoy this form of exercise at a pace that suits.  Most pools allocate lanes for slow, medium and fast swim speeds, which means you can keep within your comfort zone or up your stroke when you feel like it too.

Another major benefit is that:

30 minutes of steady swimming can burn 200-300 calories

…so regular trips to the pool can form a basis for an effective balanced diet (or an excuse for the occasional treat).

Regular swimming is a brilliant way to tone up your body and strengthen your heart and lungs too.


For the mind

Swimming isn’t just a great workout for the body, but a great workout for the mind.

One of the main reasons I love to hit the pool is to wind down after a long day at the office. There’s nothing like getting into the groove of a stroke and having a bit of swim-me-time to clear the mind and relieve tension.

I’m yet to discover a better stress-buster!

Although to some the thought of having to get changed, showered and dried again, together with fitting this type of exercise into a regular working day, might at first seem a turn off; please take it from me, that you’ll feel all the better for it!

The energy boost that post-exercise endorphins provide are great for finding a ‘second wind’ after a hectic day and when it’s finally time to hit the hay, you’ll find your night’s sleep much improved to boot.

Finally, as if all the aforementioned benefits weren’t awesome enough anyway, swimming is a pretty inexpensive leisure activity that’s readily accessible, can be enjoyed solo, with friends, your family – AND – if you need another reason to jump on in, it’s great fun too!


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