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5K Swim Training Update: 152 Lengths and Counting…


This week has been a busy one all round, and so training’s been a little bit limited. However, I’m not going to feel too bad about only putting  in 100 lengths on Monday and the quick 30 minute session after work on Tuesday, because last weekend I […]

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Dream swim locations and swimming pools of the world

Havasupai Falls Pool, Havasupai reservation in Grand Canyon

There are so many places I’d love to visit and explore in my lifetime, but for now I can but dream…and start to note down a few of these fantastic locations; in preparation for my chance to travel and experience them for myself. So, to whet your […]

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The time trials and tribulations of 5K training

An empty pool - a distance swimmer's dream

Mid-week 45 minute swims might be sufficient for the turbo-charged super swimmers of this world to bosh out 200 lengths [of a 25m pool], but if like me you’re more of an aspirant than a pro, it can be more of a challenge to find enough time to […]

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How to prevent, protect and repair chlorine damage

Swimming caps to protect hair from chlorine

If you spend as much time ‘marinating’ in chlorinated water as I do, you might want to know the answers to the following skin and hair-related questions: Image credit: terren in Virginia, on Flikr Skin protection for the pool What is chlorine? How can I prevent chlorine […]

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How to work out an average lap time

Lap time converter

I’ve previously mentioned Maths isn’t one of my strong points…but for anyone wanting to work out their average lap time, [and to save time doing so] I thought i’d write this up… Or, you could check out and bookmark this online convertor tool NB: If you’re looking for a gadget […]

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Hitting a swimming milestone

5K swimming training milestone

Today was an awesome day at the pool! I hit a new milestone in my training for the 5K Swimathon, by swimming a total of 100 lengths in one go! Not only is this the furthest I’ve ever swum – 2.5 kilometres / 1.55 miles – but […]

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The good, the great, and the awesome benefits of swimming!

The benefits of swimming - body and mind

Family and friends regularly ask me why I swim…so I thought this post might help explain… Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos For the body As a low impact exercise, swimming allows you to work all the major muscle groups in your body, to improve strength, flexibility and balance […]

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My 2012 Challenge

A moment of ‘madness’ and the challenge of a colleague made me do it! It’s taken me a few days to blog about it properly on here, since I needed to figure out whether I’d actually be up to swimming such a distance in the first place, […]

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A popular month at the pool

packed swimming pool

A New Year means new resolutions and good intentions to start as you mean to go on… and this January it seems is no exception! This week the pool has been packed with enthusiastic newbies, eager to ‘turn over a new leaf’, improve their general fitness or simply […]

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