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Inspiring More Kids to Swim with Kelloggs

One of the best life skills my parents equipped me with was the ability to swim.

I wasn’t taught for the the sheer pleasure of it though, but for the practical reason that knowing how to swim made me safer!Learning to swim

It meant that the time I fell in the pond was a drama, rather than a crisis, because I knew how to keep myself afloat!

In addition to infant swimming lessons my parents funded, the county primary school I attended fortunately had budget enough to ensure that me and my classmates were comfortable in, and capable of holding our own treading water…

And my god do I count myself extremelly lucky for those opportunities! Especially when I read recent shocking stats that revealed “every year 200,000 children leave school unable to swim” [that’s 1 in 3 kids leaving primary school, and an astonishing 2 million children over the next 10 years!]

I think we’d all agree with John Glenn, Head of Youth & Community at ASA, who says that “by not teaching children how to swim we are putting their lives in danger”.

And with drowning as the third biggest cause of accidental death among children in England, and 57 deaths from drowning in 2010 alone,  taking action and addressing this matter really can’t happen soon enough.

But thankfully Kelloggs has teamed up with the Amateur Swimming Association to do just that! Together they’re tackling the issue by leading an awesome awareness campaign that highlights the importance of being able to swim and encourages more kids to learn – in order to save future lives.Kelloggs and ASA - Swim for Life!

The project endeavours to break down the barriers people have that prevent them from participating in swimming in the first place and cites how it’s important you get your child used to the water from a very young age so they don’t grow up with a fear of water.

In addition to free kids swims from Kelloggs,  the ASA Awards Scheme aims to help children learn to swim and plays an important role in the teaching of swimming in Britain. To support this millions of badges and certificates are awarded each year ranging from National Swim Awards which test swimmers on all strokes and aquatic sports, to toddlers swimming their first five metres.

The importance of this campaign really hits home when you watch this video, highlighting many great reasons for this campaign, whilst telling about a young eight-year-old boy called Matthew who never learnt, and sadly drowned.

So here’s to supporting this campaign and getting kids into Swimming – the only sport that is a survival skill, offers safety, fun and confidence!

“Save your child’s life today and get involved.”

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  1. And here’s another article that highlights why this campaign is of such importance – for children of all ages! NB: It’s never too late to learn!

  2. Water safety and promoting water confidence at a young age is so important – we need far more campaigns like this…

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