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A popular month at the pool

A New Year means new resolutions and good intentions to start as you mean to go on… and this January it seems is no exception!

This week the pool has been packed with enthusiastic newbies, eager to ‘turn over a new leaf’, improve their general fitness or simply take up a new hobby for 2012.

In fact so many people are hitting the pool that at times it felt like this:

packed swimming pool

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but there was certainly a lot of nose-to-tail swimming going on!

It’s great to see so many enthusiastic people taking to the water, but I have a few tips for all fledgling flippers:

  1. Choose a lane that suits your swimming speed – Strong swimmers should swim in the fast lane so as not to pressure slower swimmers, whilst weaker swimmers should start in the slow/medium lane and scale up as their stroke and swimming ability improves. This ensures that everyone has a chance to enjoy a good swim; especially at peak times in the pool.
  2. Check the boards positioned at the top of lanes to see which direction you should be swimming in. Mid-lane collisions, (although sometimes funny to witness) aren’t good!
  3. Reduce congestion by giving the swimmer in front of you some ‘breathing space’ and leaving a sensible time gap before pushing off.
  4. If you need a break, make sure you keep close to the wall and stand aside at the end of the lane, to allow other swimmers to complete their length without collision.


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