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Out with the old and in with the new

old swimming costume suit

Like most people, I’m kicking off 2013 with some new years resolutions and aspirations of improving myself both inside and out. Starting with a well needed dry January, a bit of a healthy easting / detox [that pretty much consists of reducing consumption down from excessive December standards […]

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Don’t let life get in the way of what you love!

Just keep swimming - Speedo Inspiration

They say ‘you never forget your first love’ – perhaps because your first real experience of love-lost is so raw that it teaches you to not take love for granted[?] What they don’t tell you is that life has a habit of getting in the way, and […]

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Inspiring More Kids to Swim with Kelloggs

Learning to swim

One of the best life skills my parents equipped me with was the ability to swim. I wasn’t taught for the the sheer pleasure of it though, but for the practical reason that knowing how to swim made me safer! It meant that the time I fell […]

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The Swimming Drought is Over!

Whoot! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally put an end to my swimming drought this week and am back in the pool 🙂 And having remembered how great it feels to swim, I thought I’d share this photo of my local pool as it looked just […]

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Water Withdrawals!

OMG! I have serious water withdrawals and am desperate to get back in the pool ASAP! Following my epic Swimathon a couple of weeks ago I was naturally ready to give my body a little rest and decided to take a week off from the pool… but […]

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When goggles give up the ghost, test drive a new pair

Goggles that have given up the ghost

Sadly, I fear my goggles have just about given up on me 🙁 They were good while they lasted; the trusty pair that my sister gave me for Christmas…but I think I may have wiped away post-work mascara smudges one too many times – since I seem […]

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Be Inspired: It’s all about Form, Function & what’s Beneath the Surface!

Rebecca Adlington - At full stretch - Beneath the Surface

In the run up to the swim of my life, I’ve been looking for motivation and inspiration in many places. I’ve been checking out the following documentaries focusing on Olympic athletes from the BMW London 2012 Performance Team; which explore what it takes to deliver the ultimate […]

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5K Swim Training Update: Going the Distance

Going the distance - 5k swim training

I’ve only gone and done it! For the first time since I started training in January for this years’ 5K Swimathon, I’ve actually managed to do the distance – wahoo! While everyone else was distracted by Easter egg hunts & family roast dinners on Easter Sunday, I […]

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10 Commandments of the Pool

10 pool commandments - swimming etiquette

1 – Thou shall bathe before entering the pool It might be called a public ‘swimming bath’, but that doesn’t mean it’s a substitute for an actual bath! Washing [not just wetting] yourself before swimming helps to maintain a safe level of  hygiene, not to mention water […]

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5K training confession…a few too many days off from the pool

5K training confession

I have a confession to make… I might’ve taken a few too many days off from the pool :S Ok, so it was my birthday, I was busy meeting friends, partying, feeling a bit under-the-weather, in need of a break from training, and could probably reel off […]

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