Why I just keep swimming

About Just Keep Swimming swim blog


In the begining there were swimming aids – armbands, floats, rubber-rings –  and generally lots of flapping about in the water

Then came the Saturday morning lessons (with a lady with long grey hair called Monica), and inflatable-fun sessions at my local pool.

Followed by primary school trips to ‘the baths’, a few life-saving lessons in pyjamas and an enthusiastic entry in a junior charity Swimathon…

Family holidays consisting of body-boarding at the beach or fun pools, wave machines and water rides

My teens, mainly featured friend’s pool parties…

University years saw a spate of half-hearted visits to the pool and random (post-clubbing on Brighton seafront) swimming in the sea.

‘The real-world’ and ‘9-5′ lifestyle change required swimming for exercise’ sake…

And finally, in 2011 I took up regular swimming again as a sanity-saving, stress-relieving, truly enjoyable hobby and finally rediscovered my love of the water!


So, I’ve decided to just keep swimming! and this year, spread the love, with this blog – which I intend to fill with amusing anecdotes from the pool;  general swimming updates, info, tips, and techniques; reviews of tried-and-tested gadgetry and kit, and any other inspiring swim-related swag I come across*.

[*or if you have something you’d like to contribute, or a suggestion for blogging about, then just let me know]


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